12:28 PM

Computing for the Future of the Planet

Computing is it the next weapon of mass empowerment?.

when everyone else is thinking of conquring new political kingdoms, exploring space, grabbing forests for real estates development, nuclear energy, oil and minerals exploration, justifying that poverty and stupidity has something to do with genetical codification, atomic bombs and The next weapon of mass emancipation and destructions.......

Few are fighting out to see how computing can be the next weapon of mass empowerment to help us match to the future.....

when andy Hopper and his team and collaborators all over the world talked of computing for the future of this planet..... one could have been tempted to classify this as normal cost cutting thoughts projected with a skewed objectives whose applicability and realisation is just a scientific exercise in futility ... has no economic sense ...... But wow unto the skeptics; for this is and other like minded ventures will define what technology will be to our kids and us who are young at heart (a way of optimising physical infrastructure with limited environmental resources ) it is a wonder .... when i attended the talk by
Andy Hopper, Andy Rice and Alastair Beresford i was delighted to see how we can optimise the few resources we have ... I believe we can... Yesssss We can . for more ....... go .......
http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/research/dtg/research/wiki/CFTFP ..... for more on this project.

9:44 AM

pots n tots concept... what the hell is this

its not near the kitchen nor near a pub ....its deep in your mind ..... its the People Of tommorow Nurturing the Talents of Tommorow.