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UEFI Bootloader in Windows 8.1 failed ( such as 0xc00007b error fix)

To windows enthusiasts.

when windows cannot boot, most a times your mind also fails to boot and you spend a whole day running away from basic solutions; Trying the most complex of offered solutions in the forum.

Here under I list one of the solution to correct the failed boot loader starting based on a known user experience..."Windows didn't load properly error...0xc00007b  "

 Proposed solution 1: Remove the most recent updates and software updates that took place before the crash.

Boot from a recovery windows 8 recovery drive perhaps a USB. or boot from the recovery Partition of your Hard drive 

when the computer boots from Recovery media ...

1.choose the troubleshoot option 

2. Click on Advanced Options 

3. click on  Windows Start up settings 

5. Select Restart and as the Computer Restarts key in 4 or F4 to go to safemode

6. Log in using your normal credentials to safe mode.

7. Go to programs and feature 

8. select uninstall programs ....on the listed programs check the "installed on" column, check the antivirus(the culprit was AVG protection updates in our case) or any recent updated software . uninstall it.

9.Go to windows update and uninstall any update that took place most recent before the crash. 

Restart the computer and  it is sorted.

 Proposed solution 2: Using Hirens Boot CD  for Windows non EUFI

1.Download the most recent Hirens boot from Here   or  This source too  ( I used Hirens 15.2 ISO).
2. Install Virtual Drive Software such as WinCDEmu   to mount the Downloaded image on virtual drive
3. Click on HBCDMenu.exe to run the Hiren Programs
4. Go to command line and run MbrFix utility